Christmas Detonates!

Christmas always sneaks up on me. Somehow, every year, even though I know it’s coming, I am surprised that it’s here. It always seems as though there is no time in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We’re no sooner done with the turkey, then, ” Crap! Eight days left until Christmas!”  How did that happen? Where has December gone? And so all my grandiose ideas are thrown out the window, there not being enough time to execute them, even if I had the necessary supplies.

Still reeling, I  hope I can manage to do at least some of the things I had wanted to do. Or if not, I hope I can manage what is considered obligatory in our house.

A quasi-clean house,

a decorated tree,

gifts for the child, wrapped gifts for the child,

cards mailed to the older, far-away childs.

Really, it’s not much to do.

So, last night we finally got the tree up and got out all the decorations. Yes, I know there are 4 days left. Apparently that’s why we didn’t actually decorate the tree. There are still 4 days left! So there are boxes of decorations everywhere and it looks like Christmas exploded in my living room. As if some glittery grenade was tossed in, leaving shiny globs of cheeriness strewn in its wake.

I still need to finish shopping, finish decorating, start our Xmas cards, and a host of other things. But, the tinsel time bomb of Christmas has detonated itself on me and I think I got some of the Spirit of Christmas stuck in my hair.

I’d better get going! I’m late!

Merry Merry!

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