Tally Ho and Here We go!

Ok, so it’s back-to-school week.  Just to let you know, I’m going to do my best to focus mostly on homework and less on internet fun. So, if I’m being a good girl, I should be posting a little less often than I was over break. Unless I have an important project due, and then I’m sure I’ll be busy procrastinating on here. Because that’s how I roll.

I am  taking 15 credits this quarter. So my plate is pretty full.

I’ve been thinking of going a little bit art bloggy on you since that’s one of the things I’m interested in and since I’m taking drawing this term it would tie in fairly well with what I’m doing there.  So stay tuned for pictures of sketches!

This term I’m also taking Creative Writing: Nonfiction. It fulfills a writing requirement, but really I’m taking it to see if it will help me write better blog posts! See, I’m on your side already. That class looks like it will probably be interesting. My instructor is the only one who gave us homework on the first day. He also made it due the next class, which I totally hate. It’s not like students have lives or other classes. If I’m ever a teacher, I vow not to do that. But, I showed him. I got my college to close early due to freezing rain and icy conditions so I wouldn’t have to turn it in on Wednesday. Ha ha! I promise to only use my powers for good. And also for minor selfish things like this.

The downside to the freezing rain thing was that the next day my son’s school was cancelled and mine was not. So, instead of sleeping during the day and starting his parenting day at the end of school, my husband had to be ‘on duty’ all day pretty much without sleep. I couldn’t do this whole school thing without his help. Especially on days like that one. This term is especially hard because I have pretty late classes. It’s a good thing I get my son up to get ready and go to the bus stop or I’d hardly ever get to see him. But, ugh, five o’clock comes pretty early!

I’m also taking yoga. I love it. But, I did forget how hard it can be. Especially when you’re not in the shape you want to be. I don’t really fold in the middle like I used to. One position, called Downward Facing Dog, is particularly hard for me. That’s where you are on your feet and hands and try to push your ‘hips’ up to make an upside-down V. Of course, the bigger your ‘hips’ are; the harder it is for your hands to hold ‘them’ up. Oh well, that’s why I’m there. To start exercising and shrink down my ‘hipsize’ in a gentler way so I don’t keel over from a heart attack while trying to get healthy!

I’m also taking Biology. I don’t yet have a funny or interesting story about it. But, hopefully I will later.

Last, but by no means least, I’m taking Human Sexuality this term. I’ve wanted to take it since I heard about it and luckily I was able to make it fulfill a requirement for my degree so I’m not just taking it for fun. I am hoping it going to be as interesting as I expect. I do know she has some interesting guest speakers lined up for later in the course. So, not to scare you, but hopefully more updates later on this class.

That’s pretty much it for this term. It’d be easier if I didn’t have an hour commute each way, but them’s the breaks. I’m planning on teaching my laptop to recognize my voice so I can tell it to type stuff while I’m driving. Then maybe I won’t feel like that hour is quite so wasted. We’ll see how that goes. I do like my radio, too.

So, here we go! Another 2.5 months of academic fervor! Wahoo!

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