A couple of weeks ago I had a magical thing happen.

To start with, I noticed that the daisies in my back yard had bloomed.

I love daisies. They are always so clean and bright looking. The other reason I love them is because my Grandma  had them in her yard and they remind me of her and my childhood.

So I was having a nice flowers and memory day.

Then my son picked me a flower.

A really big flower.

If he hadn’t picked it we might not have seen it, since we haven’t been in the greenhouse much this year.

My Grandma had a patch of Oriental Poppies in her yard as well.

Here’s where the magic happened:

We didn’t plant poppies.

We think maybe my mom did a few years ago when she was staying with us and for whatever reason they didn’t come up until this year.

On their own.

Thanks Grandma! I miss you,too.

So I had this flower in water in my kitchen and the petals started to fall off.

I was emotionally unable to let go of it.

So I didn’t.

I kept the petals, thinking I might press them.

But I didn’t get around to pressing them. Instead, they just dried a little more each day.

The colors changing and intensifying over the course of about a week.

I became attached to them not only from an emotional standpoint. But from a science and art one as well.

Watching these petals dry and progress through these color changes was a gift unto itself.

Thank You Grandma for this gift. Not only of the memory of you, but also of this exploration of color and texture and science.

I did not need reminding, but I love the reminder.

I love you, too.

Don’t forget to appreciate the little things -like flower petals.


Remember to appreciate the time you have with your loved ones as it is fleeting.

Today I am grateful for so many precious things… flower petals, memories, family, friends, and you!

Thanks for visiting with me today!

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