This Is Not A Drill!

I have a confession to make.

I spend a ridiculous amount of time on Facebook.

That wasn’t it. That was just information you needed to be able to understand that:


(That’s a very funny thing to say, isn’t it?)

You know, those little button thingies that you can collect and display and generally annoy your friends with. I love a snappy little one liner wherever I can find it. I have always been a fan of bumper stickers, quotes, and puns.

You can probably infer a lot about my personality when I say that George Carlin was (and is) my favorite comedian of all time.

(I also like Louis Black, Gabriel Iglesias, Chris Rock, and Ron White to name a couple.)

On the other hand, I’m a sap. And a spiritual and informational seeker. So, I also like quotes and deep thoughts about like and happiness and things like that. A bumper sticker I saw recently said  YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN.

So true! and funny as well? I’m in heaven now.

I came across a piece of flair the other day that’s just about the perfect balance to me. I think it’s really funny and also has a deep message. I’m almost considering changing the name of my blog to this. That’s how much I like it.

So here it is:

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