Focus Your Attention Here, Please.

I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder a few years ago.

I have the Inattentive type, which means that I have all the focus and concentration challenges, but don’t have the physical hyperactivity that is commonly associated with ADD.

Because I am able to hold it together on the outside, people sometimes don’t believe that I have it. What people don’t see is how much effort it takes to achieve the same tasks. It’s similar to the duck who appears to be calmly swimming along in the water as long as you don’t look at their legs and feet paddling for all they are worth. My husband often wonders how I could have this disorder and maintain really good grades in college. My response is that I am basically unable to do anything else in order to pull it off.

And believe me, I do everything I can to make sure you see the end product and not the effort it took to get there. Most of the time anyway.

But, enough about me…

I just wanted to post a link to this informative website about AD/HD. The page I’m linking to is about common Myths and Misunderstandings, but there’s lots of good stuff to be had in there.

Today I am grateful for: firefighters.

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