Hovercrafts and Underoos

I realized the other day that I would love to have a  hovercraft.

How cool would that be!

I’ve always wanted to have an amphibious vehicle, but the other kind are just bulky and slow. Rather tanklike in nature and, I assume, gas hogging.

But a floating machine?

Yes! I totally want one of those.

A quick online search reveals that you can buy a kit to assemble one for your child. Then just attach a small motor and you’re off!

Tempting, isn’t it?

(I have made no attempt to find out how much said kit costs. Or what the laws are regarding hovering in my area.)

But I just might!

Or maybe just the plans to build your own. Hmm…

I was reminded of Underoos the other day when my friend mentioned them. I loved my Underoos. I remember having Bat Girl and Super Girl.

They should bring those back.

and make them for grown ups.

Did you have Underoos? Which ones?

Today I am grateful for… cottage cheese…games on my phone (keep the kid busy on errands)…coffee….coffee(stayed up too late)….and the negative setting on my camera and cellphone (but that will probably warrant it’s own post)

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