On Thanksgiving

I’m going to save my list of things I’m grateful for until tomorrow for six word friday since that is our topic. What I will say is just a little thing I “borrowed” from Stark.Raving.Mad.Mommy.

2. I am thankful for my friends in real life and on the Interwebz who get me, make me laugh, and forgive me when I inevitably jam my foot in my mouth.

1. I am thankful for my whacktacular extended and nuclear family, warts and all.  They are brilliant, inspiring, and make me laugh out loud on even the worst of days.

Go read her list of 10 things she’s thankful for.



One thing that I love about Thanksgiving is that, for the most part, it hasn’t been hijacked by the media and big business for their gain. It still remains a family holiday focused on appreciating the good things we have. Most of which are intangibles which can’t be sold or bought.

The obscene glut of sales, deals, commercials, mobs in stores and fighting each other over more Merryness for me and mine doesn’t kick off until tomorrow. They call it Black Friday. Quite rightly.

It’s hard to have a Happy Holiday season if you are agonizing over the perfect gift for 356 of your closest friends.

When I was a kid we would often make coupon books to give each other in my family.

This coupon is good for:

a backrub

a carwashing

doing a chore for you (I don’t remember specifics)

Not things. Actions or services that you know they would appreciate. Personal and specific to them.

These are the types of things that we need to focus on in this day and age of consumerism and marketing. When we slow down and look at what really matters to us about these holidays, what is it that makes it special? If you look back on your life is it the toys you remember? Or is it the time spent with family and friends.

The food? Or the time spent together preparing and eating the food. (I’m not knocking the food. I love the food.) If it was just the food we would all go out to eat. After all, a turkey is a turkey is a turkey. No, it’s good food made special because Grandma made it that way and let you stir. Or Uncle Joe cracked jokes while setting the table backwards. Or whatever your memory holds dear.

Hold on to that feeling as we head into the whirlwind that is December.

For many people tomorrow is Buy Nothing Day to try to combat the rampant consumerism.


Whatever you do and however you do or don’t celebrate; make room for gratitude and love at your table.

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