Six Word Friday:Refreshed

Some days it just takes this:

Or it might be this here:

Getting up early isn’t ALL bad.


Other days call for drastic measures:

A child’s laugh, little kid hugs

A husband’s embrace, deep back rub.

A night out with the girls.

A dance class, a yoga session.

An art project, new blog post.

A three hour long phone call.

Delicious food that I didn’t cook.

Someone else doing the house keeping.

A visit with family or friends.

Communing with the ocean cleanses me.

It has been far too long.

12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ayala
    Jan 28, 2011 @ 09:55:26

    Lovely thoughts -there is not much else that you need! Love the pics 🙂


  2. Sasha
    Jan 28, 2011 @ 13:00:52

    Wonderful. Please sign me up for all of the above 🙂


  3. Molly@Postcards from a Peaceful Divorce
    Jan 28, 2011 @ 13:19:03

    I love your list and your photos. A sunrise is always so refreshing and renewing, isn’t it?


  4. michelle derusha
    Jan 28, 2011 @ 18:52:34

    All good stops on the road to refreshment! I love getting up early (once I’m out of bed that is) — my favorite part of the day.


    • 2bdancing
      Jan 28, 2011 @ 18:56:14

      I hate it. But it lets us survive mornings together, for me to get up earlier than he does. That way I can pretend to be friendly in the face of His Grumpyness 🙂


  5. Melissa
    Jan 28, 2011 @ 21:24:24

    I am usually annoyed by sunrises.
    (How horrible of me is that?)
    Early wakings require much indulgent recovery. 🙂


    • 2bdancing
      Jan 29, 2011 @ 11:35:38

      I’m always annoyed to be awake to see them. But I treat them as a bribe for being up early enough to see it. And I don’t think it’s horrible of you. I wouldn’t hold onto that negative thought if I were you 😉


  6. melgallant
    Jan 29, 2011 @ 11:33:58

    Oh I couldn’t agree more! Love your photos of the sunrise. My top pick from your list for feeling refreshed? “Someone else doing the house keeping.” Yes please!


    • 2bdancing
      Jan 29, 2011 @ 11:37:14

      Me too. It has almost never happened. My mom stayed with us for a while a few years ago and did a lot around the house. So I’ve seen it can be done 🙂


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