Search Terms!

Okay, I thought some of these were pretty funny.

It’s funny that people are searching for these phrases.

It’s also funny that I use them in my posts.

Here are the search terms that have brought me traffic so far.

Tee Hee!


Search Views
platypus 3
tally go 1
tally-ho here i go 1
quote “go see the elephants” 1
get winded dancing around 1
katura yoga 1
pogo kangaroo 1
“don’t eat my peeps” 1
sometimes the most beautiful things in life go unnoticed because people are so preocupied with 1
susan parker who quote “one never knows does one” -billie -shirley 1
susan sarandon’s quote bearing witness 1
hafast bueno 1
when did the “heart of reno wedding chapel” close 1
today show yarn 1
novelty raver store reno 1
happy turkey week 1
“six parts love” quotes 1
is it ok for my son to sleep in underoos 1
words of happiness 1
“daddy’s toenails” 1
movie orland and gendr 1
“i believe..” 1
lce yarns nocelty yarms


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