A Number of Things

I came across this great blog post today.

I agree with her. I think it’s important to get past the unimportant numbers to be able to add up the things that really count. So I thought I’d see about my numbers. You know, the ones that really matter. But, I had a little trouble thinking up what might be the numbers. I was talking with a friend about it to get her take on it. Her idea was to find a number sequence and find significant numbers to go along with those. Perhaps cubes or a Fibonacci sequence.

Both would be a challenge, as would any other sequence. Something about the Fibonacci appeals to me though. Because these numbers, and whatever is associated with them, don’t exist in a vacuum. Each number in the sequence is a sum of the two before it. I would say that in life, where you are now is a sum of the places and decisions leading up to it.


1 parent remaining

1 parent gone ahead

2 people in partnership in this marriage

3 more years of schooling

5 of us siblings(stretched across 33 years)

8 years I’ve been a mother

13th of May is her birthday. and sometimes Mother’s Day as well.(not this year)

34 years I had my mom here (4 months and 6 days ago)

55 she would have been this year


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