My Purse Is Cooler Than I Am

I’m not really a purse person. I’m mostly a set things down and forget them person. But as a mom and grown up I am required to carry around a whole host of paraphernalia that must be produced upon demand for a variety of situations. When we graduated out of carrying a suitcase diaper bag, I had need of something a little smaller that would still hold a mound of crap (mostly small metal cars for easy distraction). So I bought a small leather (ish?) one, which was fine but eventually proved itself to be too small for our needs.

I “upgraded” to a similar one that was bigger and it turned out to be close to perfect. It was a neutral brown (p)leather, had lots of pockets for regular stuff, and divided empty space in the middle for irregular stuff. I used it for years. Eventually the zipper on one of the pockets gave up. Some seams were starting to look a tad frayed but it was still working up until then. The only thing I did not like about it was that it was a little “momish” and didn’t have any artistic flair that would be more representative of me.

I continued to use it while looking for a new purse with similar features. I am loathe to purchase items new anymore, so looking at the thrift stores when I had a little free time is the primary method I used. Eventually, I found one that was okay. Not precisely what I was looking for, but pretty good. I has lots of pocketty things and space for oddsized things.

After I purchased it, I continued to use my old one for a week or two. I didn’t really have time (or inclination) to do the clean/sort/switcheroo required.

But my old purse was tired of my fooling around and decided to make things happen. One of the straps (frayed seams, remember?) broke.

So I made the switch to the new purse.

It’s black leather with silver metal hardware and grommet accents.


It’s a little bit bad-ass. Which is where the problem lies. It’s more bad-ass than I am.

It turns out that I am momish and a little boring. I have artistic flair, but not really bad-assery.

So I think I am still on the lookout for a new purse.

Badass Hardware

When my son saw my new purse he said, “That’s cool. That makes me want to have a purse.” Ha ha!

Functionally, it’s okay but the pockets aren’t quite right and I’m used to my old purse being thicker leather that held its shape. This one is floppy. I feel like I’m rolling a sharpei puppy around to try to get out my wallet.

So yeah, still looking.

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