Bungee Jumping and other boring stuff

I may have mentioned that I live out in the country. It takes me about 20 minutes to get to the nearest town. Being as it’s a small town and rural, there is a lot of farming and cattle ranching. That means cowboys and cowgirls. and that means that pretty much the biggest event that goes down all year here is the Rodeo. There’s a cattle drive through town to kick things off. Then there are two nights and a day of rodeo action, augmented by a small festival at the park and a traveling carnival at another park.

I’m not really a big rodeo fan, but I married a Wyoming Cowboy (and former rodeo “clown”/bullfighter) and, as is often the case in a marriage, boundless enthusiasm wins out over indifference.

So we go.

I don’t usually have to go to all three shows. Usually the husband goes to one without us, they go to one without me, and we all go to the family day on Sunday.

In past years I got out of going to the carnival by sending the kid with my mom. They would go to paint a stick horse (thus guaranteeing free admission to Sunday’s rodeo and a mount for riding in the Stick Horse Races), and then go gallivanting and cavorting at the carnival.

This year we did not have that option.

But we did have a friend who invited the kid to go with her and her kid to “buddy day.” (yay! half priced armbands for unlimited rides!) So I thought I might have escaped it this year as well.

But, alas…

There were a couple rides he didn’t have time to go on. And Daddy is a sucker for a thrill ride missed.

So we decided to go for a little while yesterday.

The weather was cooperative. (Which means that it was sunny, but not evil, melty hot.)

I don’t do rides. (I get scared, but more importantly, I get motion sick.) (Really, I’m more fun than it sounds like in this post.)

But, that works out well because I definitely do cameras.

First, they went on the super fast whirly, spinny thing.

Then they went on the big swingy Egyptian Pharoah boat thingy.

Then they went on the really high, drop you thingy. Imaginatively called, “Drop Zone.”

This was only a hit with half of the team. The kid would not go on it again this year. (We’ll have to see about it next year. He is only 8, after all.)

Then there were some other rides and trips through the funhouse with a friend he met up with.

Then, there was the coolest thing ever!

Bungee jumping!












If you noticed this roller coaster circle thing behind the bungee jumping, you might be surprised to know that the kid would not go on it. Daddy was forced to go on it by himself.

Look for these arms out!




That was the last ride before we moved on to other adventures. (They went to the rodeo. I went home. Ha!)

But, look! I can prove I was there:

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