Self Portrait Saturday: Proof

I realized recently that since I am that primary photographer in the house, there aren’t that many pictures of me. Although since I started this project there are more of me. But there are really very few of me and the kid together. Which bothers me because what if something were to happen to me? Even if it doesn’t, I want him to be able to look back on photos of us together, enjoying each other. I’d hate for there to be no real proof that I was here with him. (Other than the 1000’s of pictures of him, of course)

So I’ve been hassling the husband to take some pictures of us together. We finally did. So without further ado:

Proof that I was there. At the same place. At the same time with these people.

He looks thrilled, doesn’t he?


…and he’s off.

Fine, I’ll just do one without you.

Now, we just need some with all three of us. But we may need professional help with that. 😀


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