Late Night TV Commercials

I was up waaay to late last night watching some TV.

We tend to watch things on the DVR so don’t watch nearly as many commercials as we used to. (and they know that-damn you increased product placement!)

Unfortunately we didn’t have anything recorded to watch so we were forced to watch regular TV and suffer through the commercials. (You can also do thing where you pause and fast forward through them, but sometimes that is too much work.)

I talked the husband into watching Katt Williams on the Comedy Channel. I think he is just hysterical. (and he cracked a smile, so he thought he was at least a little funny. Then he fell asleep.)

After a while I noticed the ads were weird. Apparently, the people who watch late night comedy are:

inclined to give money away due to soft-heartedness

in two commercial breaks there was a commercial for UNICEF, World Wildlife Federation, and ASPCA. (Interestingly, you can save a child’s life for only $15/month, but it cost $18 a month to save pets here. I figure it must be the exchange rate.)

and yet they are broke

in those same two breaks there were two commercials for the same fast loans service that loans you money until you get your legal settlement in that lawsuit that is pending over your injury accident. (You need a loan so you can send money to help _______ )

and in danger of being sent to a nursing home unless they can regain their independence by ordering a Hoveround electric wheelchair!

You tricky ad people, you know us so well.


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