Cloud Shaper

My mom was a writer. That was her medium as an artist for nearly as long as I can remember. She was never published, but she should have been. I am a writer, but so far I haven’t had the staying power to write more than a long essay. My mom wrote books. She also wrote short stories and songs and things.

Later she started exploring some other art medium. I remember her telling me that she felt art should be impermanent. That’s one of the reasons she used chalk on cardboard. I am not too familiar with her artwork. Much of it happened after I moved away and while I was still a self-focused twenty-something. And then we began our disagreements and neither of us was sharing much with each other. Then it was too late.

She was more artistically interactive with my aunt, I think. In July, at mom’s memorial my aunt shared that mom would always tell her that she didn’t have to explain her art to anyone. Immediately after mom died, she went into her studio and made three pieces which were far more abstract than she usually is. Then she didn’t make any artwork for nearly a year until the sand memorial that she built.

After we released mom (and rusty) into the sea, my other aunt was distraught and so I was telling her how mom wasn’t in any pain anymore. How she was now with family that had gone before her.

And how she had probably been put in charge of cloud sculpture.

Which is what this post is really about.  Because yesterday, in the midst of great thunderous storm clouds, my mom cleared out a bright shiny window and sent a puppy gallivanting through it. Maybe it was Rusty in his childhood puppy cloud guise. I do admit that it looked a little more like a Scotty dog, though.

That’s cute, mom. I see you.

Thanks for peeking in on us.

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  1. Brook @2bdancing
    May 13, 2013 @ 07:15:52

    Reblogged this on to be dancing… a novelty yarn and commented:

    Today is my mom’s birthday. I thought I’d reblog this, because I love this picture. It makes me feel better. Plus, my brain has on a macro lens today, so I can only focus in on this one thing. Perhaps not conducive to exploring new blog topics, eh?


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