The Beginning of the End.

So Child C lost a tooth last week. This is one we’ve been really looking forward to losing because the permanent tooth decided to come in behind it. I’m hoping that as his jaw gets bigger and things work their way around that tooth will find its way back in line with the others. That’s what the dentist said anyway. But we can probably predict that there will be braces in our future down the road. Although, a couple of teeth came in very crooked and worked themselves around to the lineup. Really, who knows?

But this post isn’t about that.

This is the conversation we had:

C: Mommy, is the Tooth Fairy real?

Me: Huh?

C: Because if the Tooth Fairy isn’t real, then it’s either you or Daddy. Just like Santa. Santa isn’t real either.

Me: What? Who told you that baloney?

C: Some kids at school.

Me: Whatever. Some kids like to make stuff up. That’s not very nice of them.

I can tell that this is the beginning of the end. On the one hand, it would be a lot easier not to have hide the presents quite so hard. But I really want to keep the magic alive for him as long as I can.

Ah well, Santa is alive in spirit, if not in body. I think that’s pretty magical.

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