Interdimensional Portal, Epic Battles, and Waltzing with Skeletons

After much searching, dithering, deciding, undeciding and such, we finally settled on this for our costume:

While we were trick or treating there was a tear in the fabric of the space-time continuum which allowed the phantom from a parallel universe to cross over into this one. This phantom was the same, but just a bit different.

The one on the right is mine. Probably.

The best house we went to was this one:

Which featured a “real” live grim reaper hanging out on the front lawn.

What followed was an EPIC BATTLE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL wherein the Fairy Princess and her Knights faced off against Death itself!

This photo was taken only moments before the FINAL BATTLE!

In the end, the Fairy Princess defeated the Grim Reaper with a whack from her magic wand! And all is safe in the land once again.

We are free to dance with skeletons once again.

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