I’ve been taking an History of Photography class. It’s been really cool because I love photography. I take pictures all of the time. And not just of the kid either. I was always kind of hard pressed to describe what type of pictures I take. I take a little bit of everything. Landscapes. Portraits. Fine Art. Mostly just things I like that have a cool shape or form or look interesting or funny.

Last week in class we learned about a type of photography that I’d never heard of: Street Photography. When the camera became more mobile, photographers did as well. They were interested in the truth of what was there. Not a lot of editing in the darkroom. The seeing is the thing. and not just on the Street. It can be anywhere, as long as you are looking around at what’s there and capturing it.

I am so happy to finally have a category! So I went right out the next day and took a gazillion more.

Here are a few:













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