Graduation Looms

Up until yesterday, I thought I had completed nearly everything I needed to do in order to graduate in a week and a half. I just had to finish up my classes. But now I have to do three more pieces to satisfy my review committee that I actually am good at art. or something. So now my head is going to explode. In light of that, I think I’ll just tell you about my friend’s blog. So you can go read her instead of my incoherent babbling. 🙂

Brenda over at My Truant Pen is a fantastic writer. Her posts have a simple elegance to them. She is an expert wordsmith. Her post today made my heart ache for my mom who was a hippie until the day she died. And it made my heart ache for the ideals of the time that seem to have been eradicated.

I believe I shall wear flowers in my hair today, in honor of those flower children of yesterday and their children protesting still today.

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