Awkward Silence

Have you ever experienced that thing that can happen where you haven’t talked to someone in a while and you know you should call them but it feels awkward so you don’t right away and the longer you put it off the worse it gets?


Me neither.

At any rate, the last few weeks have been a whirlwind of traveling up and down our west coast from L.A. to Seattle and back again. I’m home for a few days sans kid, which has nearly never happened before. Next week I will jump on the planes again to go retrieve him (and spend a couple days) from my Aunt’s.

After that we will return, no doubt, to our regularly scheduled summer programming which includes laying about interrupted by swim lessons, soccer camp, and regular soccer after that. We were going to try football this year, but unfortunately they didn’t get enough sign ups to have a season this year. Oh well. It overlapped with soccer and, I think, was going to be a *fun* scheduling challenge.






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