I recently read about how you can customize your cellphone by purchasing a clear cover for it and either paint it with nail polish or glue in fancy scrapbook paper. I was really excited to try painting a cover for my phone. The only problem is that my phone is neither an iPhone nor a Blackberry. I wasn’t really trying to put a lot of effort into this, so I couldn’t find a cover for my own phone. Luckily for me, a friend recently defected converted to the iPhone and I was able to find those kind even at the Dollar Tree. Although they were not clear and plain.

So I busted out the Sharpies, nail polish and a paint pen.

This looks better in person. It was one of the those ribbed pictures that move when you tip it. Blue with dolphins.

This one is really customized to my aforementioned friend since she really likes dolphins and the drawing is of her own tattoo. I also added the darker blue areas to bring out the drawing.

This one started out as entirely covered in little gold sequinlike (code for: doesn’t like marker) things and was black all around. The white is acrylic paint pen and the dark and the blueish is Sharpie. The really cool part was that I poured a clear coat of nail polish on at the end and got this beautiful melting, blurring that made the whole piece.

and we love the sparkly.

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