Herre’s a repost of a blog from Christmas a couple years ago. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Brook Art Human. A story, a yarn, a line, a shape

I don’t think I can let December pass by without at least mentioning my grandparents.

Ten years ago on December 4th my mom’s dad lost his battle with cancer. I was sad to lose my grandpa, but he had been sick for a while and we had been talking on the phone and had pretty much said our goodbyes, so it was time and it was kind-of okay. 

The next day, the 5th, my dad’s mom died, too. She also died from cancer, but she’d been in remission and recovering so it was something of a surprise. I was very, very close to my Grandma Ruth. It’s hard to express the devastation her being gone caused. Not just for me, of course. She was one of those bigger-than-life people who draw you to them. I miss her today as much as when she left, though the ache of it has eased a…

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