Dear Mama

This is my third mother’s day without my mom. This year her birthday falls tomorrow. Things have eased some, as they do, I suppose. I don’t have much to say that’s different than that first one.

Brook Art Human. A story, a yarn, a line, a shape

Il Divo Mama on Youtube

This year is a season of painful firsts. Firsts without my mom being in this world. First everything without her somewhere out there- near or far. First Thanksgiving. First Christmas. They were not too bad, but so incredibly stressful and weird that I don’t think it really registered.

First Mother’s Day.

This one is revealing itself to be very challenging.

May, I think, will always be the hardest month. Mother’s Day has always been tangled together with my Mom’s birthday. Sometimes they are even the same day. (Not this year, thankfully. I think.)

Since I became a mother, I was always just a little bit grumpy that I had to not only do Mother’s Day for my mom, but also birthday stuff on or around the same day. I hate the way that sounds, but that’s how it was.

I know that she didn’t like having the two…

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