Sometimes leftovers can save your life.

I got the ingrediants to make this. I will be making it this weekend. Because it Doesn’t mess with my tummy and it fills in the chinks in my heart. And it’s delicious!

Brook Art Human. A story, a yarn, a line, a shape

I tend not to cook much during the week. Come to think of it, I tend not to cook much on the weekends either. But I do sometimes. This was the case the weekend before my mom died. In anticipation of the first week of fall term for me I made a batch of chili and a batch of my mom’s potato soup. Which turned out to be a really nice choice given the circumstances. So when Tuesday came and we were notified of her death and the ensuing chaos and confusion set upon us, we had a couple days worth of food the get us by.

After everyone was notified, my friends took over the cooking duties. They made us enough meals to feed us for a couple weeks. Which was so great. Not having to figure out what to feed everybody was a relief. Of course, we still had to…

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