“How Young Are You? How Old Am I? Let’s Count the Rings, Around My Eyes”

So the other day I was in this coffee shop. There were two young women working in there. A song comes on the radio. Girl #1 says what song is this? (It has really distinctive instrumentals at the start so I recognize it, but I can’t get my brain to supply the name of it even though it’s super famous.)

Girl #2 says I don’t know. Just some old stuff on the radio. 

Guy in the drive-thru says it’s Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen! I can’t believe you don’t know it!

I have trouble believing it as well and look for somewhere else they might have heard it. My brain says Hey you’d think they would have heard it in Wayne’s World. 

Half a second later it occurs to me how long ago that came out. They probly haven’t seen it either. 

I decide I’m not getting into this conversation which seems to really be about how old I am now. 
Then a couple of nights ago I’m recounting this story and they agree with me that since Wayne’s World came out in ’92 and we were all in high school at that time…
Yeah, the baby chicks at that coffee shop probably hadn’t seen it.
Of course, one of the friends at dinner has to chime in that, she apologizes, but she was born in ’92.
well, damn.

(I forgot to ask her if she was familiar with the movie and/or the song.I’ll try to remember that later.)

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