Every Day is Mother’s Day. Unless it isn’t. 

I struggle with Mother’s Day. Mostly because it’s always been my moms more than mine because her birthday is may 13. So sometimes they even fall on the same day. When we didn’t live near each other it was okay because I got it done (whatever “it” was) in time to mail it to her. When she lived near me it just, felt like it wasn’t very much my day. And then she died. So it’s just pretty much hers now. And since my husband died there isn’t really anyone to sneak off with the kid to do anything. It’s okay mostly and we are in a transition period, so things will be able to be different in the future should we want them to be. 
What’s actually bothering me this year is people keep sharing these post about how you have to “love your mother, you’ll never have another” or whatever about how you have to love your mom. I shared one and said that this all well and good if you have a good mom. I did. Whatever struggling we did, my mom was one of the good ones. But some people have moms that suck. And posting that you have to love your mom no matter what is bull. Unless you have a mom that loves you AND SHOWS IT THROUGH HER LOVING ACTIONS, you don’t have to love her just because she birthed you. The tricky thing, of course, is that you probably do love her just because she birthed you and so it’s super difficult to break away. I think sometimes with a parent, we love the idea of the mom they should have been. So if you can, go love her quietly and from afar.

Here is a link to a great post about taking back Mother’s Day if you hate it. Whatever the reason. 


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