Write Away

So, if we stick to the recent theme of how I wish to write, aka: how I wish you wouldn’t. (Not that I wish you wouldn’t write, but the ways that persons sometimes write that annoy me.) Since I am not yet in charge of the universe and am also pretty sure that I don’t want to be in charge of any more than I already am (this is why we don’t have any pets right now, for the most part) I have resigned myself to the slog through some books that aren’t written all that well (according to ME) in among the ones that are or at least aren’t so obvious about the things that annoy me.  

For today I will mainly dwell on things that I’ve noticed that I like. I tend to read romance novels right now and that genre has a long history of dippy people running around saying and doing dippy things. I love books with smart characters who have snappy dialogue. ESPECIALLY WOMEN. I really hate it when female characters in books turn stupid with love. That’s not to say that we can’t all behave stupidly at some point, but can we pass the jar of stupid around to some other folks so they have a turn? 

So a couple of authors that I really like for interesting stories with smartypants characters with sarcastic things to say are Jennifer Crusie and Elliot James. 

I like Crusie because her stories are kinda snappy and fast. I don’t feel all that comfortable synopsizing an author to a few inadequate sentences. So I guess I’m not going to. My favorite book of hers so far is Bet Me. 

Elliot James actually is less of a romance (though a romance does figure prominantly) and more of a fantasy writer. I like books that don’t take themselves too seriously.  His books are filled with humor and sarcasm. I read the book Charmed and was surprised by how much I liked it in spite of the less romance factor. (I’m a little addicted to that right now. I think it’s something of a widowhood coping mechanism.) I went ahead and requested the other two books after it that my library system had and I wasn’t disappointed at all. 

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