Argentinian Book Tango

So some books feel like they are shouting.  It’s like all the emotions are turned up a notch and there is no real let up all the way through. At they end you feel kind of wrung out like you were the one doing the yelling. It kind of clouds the issue of whether a book is good or not. It’s almost like you can’t hear the story because of the noise. 

We need to be given some places to rest, I think. Some moments that are less dramatic. The way they do in the Argentine Tango. 

My understanding of the basic tango step is that it’s:

Quick, quick, slow, slow, slow. I think of it as:

T.A. _N_G_O_

So in this dance you’re doing with your partner (as you might call your reader) is made if long slow moves broken up by fast snaps of steps. According to Len Goodman, one of the judges on Dancing With the Stars, there needs to be light and shadow.  If it’s all fast paced, then it’s sort of frantic, overwhelming and hard to follow. 

There needs to be a push and pull and stops and starts. It can’t be all starts after all. Just give us a little downbeat in the rhythm sometimes so we can catch up. 

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