My thoughts on why run for president. 

So, I was trying to figure out why Trump even ran for president. It’s not like he doesn’t have other shit going on. 

I have a friend who said she thought it was because he was bored. Maybe that’s part of it. Or the challenge of seeing if he could pull it off. 

I think those are factors, but not the main reason. I couldn’t figure it out at first. What was his payoff? He wouldn’t do it without an endgame. 

And then he appointed his Ambassador to the Philippines who happens to be a guy who is helping build Trump’s hotel there. 

And then everything clicked and I saw the game. 

You know that well to do person who gets on the city council or the county planning committee in order to influence the zoning and regulations in their favor? And the favor of their friends and cronies?

This is the ultimate version of that. He now gets to wheel and deal his way across the globe using his position of power as well as his wealth to grab the globe by the pussy. He can take what he wants as much as he wants and few will gainsay him because his worshippers have definitely drunk the koolaid and nobody can have a calm discussion anymore. 

I hope the rest of the world boycotts us and him. I hope they rise up in regulatory and negotiation resistance. I hope the people here figure out little he cares for the little people. Because the people who put him there are the ones who’ll be first effected. 

Try. Try to reach across party lines to foster real discussion and constructive debate. We can’t stand around taking stabs at each other anymore. We need to collaborate. It’s truly the only way out of this clusterfuck we’ve built for ourselves. 

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