Grief: To Infinity and Beyond!

I’ve read a lot of articles about grief since Mom and Al and folks died.

A lot of them seem to be angry/hurt responses to people telling them they should be over it already. Or moved on by now.


Eff that noise.

I guess I’ve been fortunate in my selection of friends and family because nobody has ever said such a thing to me.

Honestly, what an ignorant thing to say. I’ve lost people that I love when I was much younger and I’m still not “over it.” I don’t think I ever will be. Because they are gone. Even if it doesn’t hurt as badly as it did when it first happened, it doesn’t mean it’s “all better now.”

I appreciate being in a place in the healing where it’s not as intense and continuously painful. But everyone takes their own journey at their own pace to get to the next spot.

It’s a bit like that thing in math where if you measure the space from you to a wall and then move half that distance to the wall. If you keep doing that, theoretically you’ll never get to the wall because there will still always be another half of the remaining distance to go.

And even if it can’t be seen with the naked eye, there is still an infinity left to go.

Anyway, I guess I’d just say that if someone is grieving, stfu unless you have something actually nice to say. It’ll mean a lot.

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