Romance junk

I’ve read “trashy romance novels” almost my whole life. The ones with ripped bodices and reformed rogues. And dashing reprobate dukes and governesses. And billionaires and receptionists. Or whoever it is in the alpha male rescues or discovers his muse. Even the debonair Dom who falls for his sweet submissive.

But at this point I’m very tired of the arrogant, rich dude who specifically does what he agreed not to do or what she asked him not to do just because he thinks he’s right and has money.

And I can’t take a man who decides that a strong woman (either a businesswoman or an actual Dominant) needs to be submissive to balance her life or something. Even if that was true, that’s not his decision to make. Especially without discussion beforehand. Consent and respect are real things that need to be present in relationships. Especially when you are dealing with power exchange.

Those types of tropes are disappointing. And worse, help continue dangerous thought patterns regarding women.

If a book goes this route it turns me off and I don’t read it.

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