il concetta profunda*

After I left home, my mom told me she’d discovered that she liked Italian Opera music. She was kind of put out that she’d not known this earlier.

I’ve later discovered that I like it, too. But I mainly just like the male singers. Something about the deeper voices is just pleasing to me. Even with female singers, I’ve tended to prefer the more deep voiced among them. Like the one Pointer Sister. (This is not intended to take anything away from sopranos. They’re fantastic. This is just a personal preference.)

In other types of music, as well, I always like the low base singer in the group. Boys II Men is a good example of that.

I also love Il Divo. And Andrea Bocelli.

Have you given opera a chance?

*used google translate to develop basso profundo (deep bass) to concetta profunda (deep concept). Any error is google’s. Or maybe mine. 🤷‍♀️

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