Working On My Hustle!

As part of my ongoing effort to enjoy some kind of income while making art and living a life, I’ve put a lot more effort recently into trying to up my hustle game online.
I have had an Instagram account for a while. This has been mostly my cats and artwork. ( ) I’ve made a patreon associated with this account to help. Currently it includes in progress photos of my artwork. And will probably start to include some kind of longer cat watching videos. ( )
I’ve also made a redbubble account so that my artwork, photos, and designs can be printed on items such as shirts, cups, and waterbottles that are available for purchase. ( )
I’ve started a new Instagram account with the intention of starting a strength and fitness journey. ( ) That will soon have a patreon associated with it as well!
I also have a 3rd instagram and patreon that I’ve just started that is for more mature content stuff that I sometimes do. (Ask me privately if you’re interested in following that account. I try to keep it separate.)

I still have my etsy store. I find uploading and pricing to be super intimidating, so there isn’t much on it. But it does include my pet portraits. ( )
So this is my hustle game right now. Additionally, I’ve submitted ideas to teach classes at my local parks and rec dept. So I’ve also upped my real life hustle game as well.
Thanks for tuning in. Feel free to share any posts you like!

I also have a Facebook page for the artwork stuff and sharing this blog. ( )

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