Fireworks and stuff

Kid: It’s the 4th of July!
Me: What’s that?
Kid: Fireworks Day!
Me: Is that all?
Kid: The day America was declared a country.
Me: Oh, cool!

Happy We’re A Country Day!













Fireworks at Home

Until I moved here, I always lived in places where home fireworks were essentially illegal. I remember as a kid we had “snakes” which hardly move at all and short “sparklers” which are cool, but fairly safe as well.

I remember hearing about people going to get illegal fireworks from the Reservation, but never knew anything more than that about it.

Here you can have fireworks at home. I think they aren’t supposed to come off of the ground. (Do you hear me, neighbor?)

Last year it was so windy that we never got to light our fireworks. Nearly every year we do them late because of the wind.

This was probably the first year we actually did them on the 4th. I was also excited to learn a couple tips for taking fireworks photos.

So without further ado:

This one was before I remembered to change the setting on my camera off of “Sunset” mode. Sunset=saturated colors. Turned out kinda cool.

I‚ô•this one. Especially how the sparks formed a heart ūüôā

Hmm…this one looks familiar somehow….?

This may be why. ūüėÄ

Sometimes less is more.

Stop staring at me.



The End.


Well, here’s my post on this holiday.

It’s taken me a little bit to figure out how to say what I want to say about it. I don’t want to sound like a¬†whiny¬†snit. I developed something of an aversion to most holidays while working in casinos in Lake Tahoe. You rarely get them off and those kind of places turn into zoos full of wild animals on holidays.

Lake Tahoe does one of the most amazing fireworks shows. If you get a chance to go and don’t mind hordes of people and traffic-do it. You might want to do it even if you do mind those things. They (the casinos) spend an excessive amount of money on it and it’s quite a sight to see. If you do go take a radio because it’s timed to a playlist that is broadcast on the local station.

If seen it from both sides. When I was younger we took our boat out and “parked” on the lake and watched it from there. Later, my friend’s family was involved with the setting up of the show the week before it. A perk they¬†received¬†was a certain amount of passes to the private beach off which the barge that holds the fireworks is anchored. A few times I went with them.

Those fireworks shows are all tied together with my childhood and family and friendship. Not to mention they really are great.

I’ve tried to go to other shows. I’ve tried not to compare the shows in other places to the ones from Tahoe.

It doesn’t work.

And it’s not fair.

To me : for the disappointment I feel and that feeling of Is that all?


To them: ¬†for the hard work that they put in and the perfectly fine fireworks show they put on. Not everyone can have the kind of budget the casinos have. They don’t deserve to be judged like that.

So I don’t go.

We buy some fireworks and have a barbeque and generally have a nice time at home.

Yesterday we let our son go with friends to watch the local fireworks. He loved it and we didn’t have to go. win-win

today I am grateful for….. bacon wrapped fillet mignon….independence…..freedom….. the 1st¬†amendment…..and….¬†marshmallows.