A Portrait of A Horse, Of Course, Of Course

I’m going to take a moment to check in and say, “Buy my stuff, please.”

Here is a sample drawing I did of our horse Roux (Roo):

Roux Cartoon Collage


So, I posted last time that I was selling cartoon portraits on my Etsy shop .

My friend bought one!

My first sale on there! Woo hoo!catherineCatcatCollage

And she liked it enough to get two more!

CatherineCat2 Collage

CatherineCat3 Collage


Funny Faces

I drew this picture of myself the other day.  Just a quick doodle to use as my profile picture around the interwebs.
Self portraitDSCN8915(looks exactly like me. 🙂 not bad just from memory. I guess I sorta do remember what I look like)

So, the other day I decided to goof around on my computer to calm my brain while I was anxiously awaiting the phone’s ring. I drew a picture of my friend.

Melanie  CollageAnd then one of my uncle.

Uncle Bill Cartoon Collage

And then I thought that maybe people might like to pay me to do these for them.

So I put it on my Etsy page.


Yesterday I was fooling around on pinterest (as usual) and I came across a webpage that someone had pinned that allows you to generate text in word bubbles for Dr. Seuss characters. They also have a bunch of other sign generators to choose from.

Obviously, I spent the rest of the evening on this sight!

Here are a few I came up with:


This was my first one so I didn’t know that I had to keep it REALLY short. It was a longer poem that made more sense before I chopped it to fit quickly.






This Lorax one is Child C’s contribution.