Six Word Fridays: Found (july week 1)

found out I’m out of creamer.

my whole. entire. day. is ruined.


six word fridays

Sunday Funday

Today looks like it will be fun. I usually meet up with my girlfriends on Sundays for “coffee” and chatting. Today I’m also getting some pictures taken for my art project. I think I mentioned those last week. I have a friend who is a photographer. She’s going to take them for me so I can have more pixels and better pictures, too.

Six Word Friday: First

first things first: slept in today

just let me say HIP HOORAY

I didn’t mean to this time

but sometimes things want to rhyme.

Fuzzy brained still=post is short!

Coffee will help my brain work.


First Lady of Fridays! Melissa!


hello, coffee, my old friend.

I’ve come to talk with you again.

cause your aroma softly creeping

reached my nose while I was sleeping

welcome to my uneventful life

Today I am nursing a stiff upper back and shoulder. I wish I could tell some harrowing tale of daring do. I wish I could claim to have thrown out my shoulder in a sports game or saving someone from a purse snatcher (remember Crocodile Dundee?). I even wish I could say that I tripped and fell. Alas, all I can say is that I went grocery shopping. It wasn’t even Double Coupon day.

I have some minor arthritisy thing going on in my shoulder. This is absolutely a non-issue if I have been working out and keeping the muscles there tighter. Since I haven’t been doing that this summer (!) it will sometimes start to bother me.

It took me quite a while to figure out what I did to set it off. Finally, as I lay in bed trying to find a comfortable position, it occurred to me what it must have been.

But, I suppose I should start at the beginning of these non eventful couple of days.

On Thursday I discovered that I was VERY LOW on creamer for my coffee. But, since I had a coffee date with a friend that afternoon, I did not PANIC or FREAK OUT. I sent a text to my friend to say, “Hey, we still on for today?” She replied, “Uh, no. It’s tomorrow.”


But that was ok because my husband was out and about and should be able to pick some up on his way home. But several hours of errands later (including a stop to pick up pizza for dinner that had an extra 20 minutes tacked on to search for his debit card because the counter girl STUCK IT IN HER POCKET!) he forgot all about the creamer.

Friday morning I had to implement my coffee back up plan. I use those international café powdered coffee mixes. They need to put some suggestions for how much to use on the box.  I made mine a leetle bit strong.

I went to Starbucks with my friend. NOTE: they need bigger chairs outside. Strawberry lemonade blended was good. So was the iced lemon pound cake.

Then went to the thrift store to buy baby clothes for a friend. Nothing noteworthy happened there.

After that, I went to ¬†the grocery store. I just went in for the one thing (creamer, remember?). So I didn’t grab a cart. Then I remembered a couple other things I needed so went and grabbed a basket. That was my mistake. It was a bunch of milks and meat. Pretty heavy stuff, so it¬†aggravated¬†my shoulder problem.

Today is a cloudy, rainy, ibuprofeny day.


Today I am grateful for CREAMER!!!, ibuprofen, strawberry lemonade, leftovers, and backrubs

Today is a New Day!

Generally, I’m an fairly¬†optimistic person and can find the bright side of things. Especially if given a bit of time to gain perspective. But, so far, I am hard pressed to find the brighter side of my day yesterday. I guess the entire day didn’t suck, but there were enough sucky¬†things in it that they overshadow the not so sucky parts.

In order to tell the story of yesterday, I have to start on Monday.

Monday was a fitness test in Health class. Since a fitness test is one test you can’t cram for¬†or just wing and expect to do extraordinarily¬†well, I had no expectations¬†of “acing” my fitness test. I am ok with that, though, because I know¬†I have some work to do and I’m working on it. The point here is that I had to walk a mile. Cool. Except that the combination of socks and shoes I had on rubbed my feet almost raw so I have hot spots on the balls of my feet. I got up the next morning with them.

Going along with the fitness test was a lipid test. This required a fasting blood draw. In the morning when¬†I went to pour my coffee, I just barely remembered that I couldn’t have it. So, that’s how I started my day. Sore feet and no coffee.

Managed to get to school without falling asleep. Got my blood drawn without incident. Yippee. Had some breakfast and found some coffee before heading to my Art History class.

My Art History class takes place in a lecture hall with rows of seats on an incline. There are stretched¬†out stairs running down the side. Apparently, my coffee hadn’t quite kicked in as I tried to navigate those stairs. I misstepped and tripped and fell-¬†very nearly in somebody’s lap. Skinned up my knees, bruised my pride, but otherwise was uninjured. Most importantly, I didn’t spill my coffee.

Do I know how to make an entrance or what?

No further incidents at school. Except to say that Pilates is hard.

When I got home, I learned that our fish had died.

So, just in general, yesterday sucked.

And today is a new day.

Today I am grateful for coffee, Tylenol, paint, words, and Pilates.