Under the weather

dis week i hab a code.

whad that really beans is that I’m just as procrastidaty as usual,

but i hab a buch better reasod for it.


A Cold In Three Acts

Act I

Introducing the characters.

A throat is scratchy. The nose acts stuffy. Eyes are irritated.

Pressure mounts. Temperatures rise. We begin to run.

The symptoms pace quickens. Blood begins to boil!

Exchanges are heated. Our breath is bated.

The intensity builds leading us to:

Act II

The Climax

Armies are fighting! Fevers rage! The running is nonstop!

The pressure is unbearable!

Tossing, turning, thrashing of bedclothes! Tears flow, sweat appears.

Finally the battle is won.

and all that remains is:


The resolution.

The recovery.

The slow clean up of the battlefield. Staunching flows. Soothing irritations.

Limping home battle weary to return to a normal life. Slowly reintegrating back into regular day to day living.