Six Word Fridays: Move

We move together. Slow, quick, quick.

My hand in yours. You lead.

I follow, but you cannot lead

without my agreeing to the steps.

You pose a question in movement.

I answer with a corresponding motion.

In this way we conversate together.

You hold me close, but still

allow me room to spin freely.

We step, step, glide, pivot, turn

across the dance floor in harmony.

Weaving a path safely through, around.

You clasp my hand in yours.

The intention of your body funnelled

through your arms, telegraphed through fingers,

guiding us to the music’s rhythm.

My hand rests lightly in yours.

Neither’s hand clutches. They need space.

Tethered together by choice, by action.

A too firm grip ruins flow.

A too weak hold can’t follow.

“Spaghetti arms” can’t maintain a conversation.

The delicate balance between strong and soft

is navigated step by step, collaboratively.

Honey, would you care to dance?

Take the Lead Tango

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Six Word Friday:Yesterday

I could write six thousand words

and then another six thousand more

on the yesterdays that I might

want to change or just rearrange

on yesterdays filled with sorrow, pain.

Or even revisit joyous old days.

But yesterday-the day before today,

was a really, really good day.

and so deserves it’s own moment.

Time in the studio, making art:

Followed by my other art form:

Dancing. Scottish Dancing to be specific.

They danced the (vigorous) Highland Fling.

and a feast of other dances.

and we learned some as well

I danced, too. Alas without camera. 🙂

It was a good, good yesterday.

Perhaps a new holiday tradition started?

One should always celebrate on

Cinco de Mayo by enjoying a

traditional Scottish pattern dance or two.


I think most things in life can be explained in a dance metaphor.

For instance, in partner dancing there are moves that fall in the category of counterbalancing. This is where the dancers lean into very off balance positions, but the countering effect of the other person leaning the other way allows the dancer to create lines and pictures that would be impossible without the support and pull of their partner. When one partner moves the other must be aware of it and make adjustments to keep the balance going. If the partners are not focused and responsive to each other the whole thing falls apart and they come crashing down.





To me, this is a metaphor for marriage (or any long term relationship). Dancing together, you support each other’s movements to places that you might not have been able to go on your own. You need to be focused on each other to maintain your balance and make adjustments to match and support the framework of your hold so that you don’t let each other fall. Trust is mandatory. I’ve also read of these moves as leaning duets. You need to trust that the other half of your duet has the strength, stamina and, frankly, inclination to put forth the sustained effort that this choreography calls for. If either one of you cannot or will not commit to the partnerwork needed to maintain this balance, then you will crash and burn.




This is no place for the faint of heart.

This post is dedicated to my Valentine. My dance partner. My husband who holds me up and supports me so I can do what I never could have on my own. He lends me his strength unflinchingly. I know that he will not let me fall if it is at all within his power to control. Secure in that knowledge, we can lean out together and make beautiful moments and lines that we couldn’t make alone.

Happy Valentine’s Day