Doodley Do

a little doodle i did the other day.

on different backgrounds.

backgrounds are important.

Six Word Fridays: Found (july week 1)

found out I’m out of creamer.

my whole. entire. day. is ruined.


six word fridays

Six Word Friday: Happy (June continues)

the family is driving over today

because tomorrow is the big day

finals are over, books put away

happy? yes, so I would say.

Gradoodle-ation is tomorrow afternoon at two.

more happy here 🙂

Sunday Funday

Today looks like it will be fun. I usually meet up with my girlfriends on Sundays for “coffee” and chatting. Today I’m also getting some pictures taken for my art project. I think I mentioned those last week. I have a friend who is a photographer. She’s going to take them for me so I can have more pixels and better pictures, too.

Self Portrait Saturday: Doodle

So the other day I drew a quick picture of myself to use as my profile picture on Facebook. Of course, I was supposed to be doing homework, but at least it was very quick. I actually think it looks quite like me. Especially the way my hair is behaving right now. (I really need a trim 🙂 ) This is drawn with big, chisel tip Sharpie pens. I ♥ Sharpies! I really need a bunch more.