Easy Peasy, Right?

Come on, it’s only six words.

It should be easy peasy, right?

You call yourself a writer, yes?

So what is your malfunction exactly?

What makes this so hard today?

Why don’t these words flow freely?

Why do you put so much

pressure on yourself on this thing?

Struggling to paint a bigger picture.

Refining to just a few words.

Muscles taut, fists clenched, furrowed brow…

no wonder the words are stuck.

You won’t let them glide through.

You are choking yourself and them.

Relax. Breathe. Open your grasping hands.

Words flow like water, you know.

Caught, not by grabbing onto them,

But by gentle cradling to hold

them up so they won’t fall.

Grasping, clawing, fighting leaves you tired

and even more thirsty than before.

Easing your way, you can scoop

up more words than you need.

Splashing and dripping, they do sparkle

in the glorious light of day.

You should really take it easy.

After all, it’s only six words.


This weeks topic is easy over at six word fridays.