The Birthday Surprise

Couple months ago

On Thursday my husband woke up with a sore eye. Just a weird pain that he said felt like he’d pulled a muscle behind his eyelid. Since Thursday was filled with other challenges, he ignored it and carried on with the day. (It was his job on Thursday to take care of putting our dog down and also going to Grandparent’s Luncheon so our son wouldn’t be alone.)

On Friday when he awoke his eye was worse. He couldn’t open it at all and when he bent over or moved his head too fast he would feel enormous pressure in his eye. So he went over to the hospital to have it checked out.

It turns out it was a stroke.

They admitted him to run more tests and see what was going on. The MRI found a mass behind his eye and some more clots. They feel confidant that they are dissolving the other clots satisfactorily. Unfortunately, they found the mass behind his eye to be a brain tumor. They will be transferring him up to Portland to go see a specialist in this type of tumor.

Happy Birthday!

Not precisely how we’d planned on spending his 49th birthday yesterday.