Self Portrait (satur)Day

I was waiting for my husband yesterday and started goofing around with my photo app on my phone.  541677_543884382289507_1041642225_n


Yeah, goofing around. 🙂703650_543884542289491_1753278511_o



Then I realizedmom1 that I really look like my mom.204895_217779048233377_100000038490372_892630_654516_o



My son turns eight today.

I can’t figure out how that could possibly be true.

I’m quite sure he was just born the other day.

We are in 2nd grade?

All of this is just some elaborate hoax.

I know it.

It must be.


Getting a Handle on Things

I am not by nature a violent person. I believe strongly in peace and diplomacy being the best course of action. I try to teach my son about problem solving and sharing and being nice. Overall, my philosophy is Taoist. The tree that bends does not break, try to have the fluid characteristics of water. These are the ways I try to live my life.

Having said that, I am loyal and fiercely protective of my family and friends. If you mess with them, then you are messing with me.

I remember a time when I was in my teens when my mom was tending bar for a little while. She and my two uncles were headed somewhere and stopped by the bar so that she could pick up her paycheck. She’d been having some trouble with one guy giving her a hard time for a while. He happened to be in there that day and started up again, following her outside to the sidewalk and trying to pick a fight with her. When it started to look like it was going to get physical, my mom’s brothers got out of the car to stand with her.

He looked at the three of them and said, “What, do I have to fight your whole damn family?”

Um, in a word…YES!

Like most families we bicker and argue in regular day to day living, but clan up when there is a threat or emergency.

I don’t hate people. Because I don’t feel that the people I would be hating are worth the energy. My resources are better spent elsewhere. But there are a couple people in the world that it would not upset me very much if they obtained a good and thorough knowledge of the business end of an ax handle.


Today I am grateful that I don’t have an ax handle or plane ticket handy. I’m just sayin’.