Six Word Friday: Hold

We hold each other’s hearts tenderly

to shelter us against undo weathering

cupped gently against the bitter wind

hold my heart, call me friend

nestled carefully with softness and feathering

no key needed, we’re flocked together

buffering each other against the elements

forming covalent bonds with simple elegance

offering stabilizing support; energy to lend

carefully tending to our shared experiment

 more than chemistry, in the end

science plus love= a friendship blend

The Bestest Friends

My mom would make this candy/dessert thing.

It tasted almost exactly like Reece’s peanut butter cups only in bark/bar form. They were really good. I was going to get the recipe from her. She had mentioned that it was her mom’s recipe and it only had 4 ingredients. Unfortunately I didn’t get it from her before she died.

But, I did find a similar recipe on a great food site: Our Best Bites. (It only has 6 ingredients.)

I don’t cook much, but in my head I am a great cook and would totally make most everything on their site.

I knew I wouldn’t get around to making it, so I emailed the link to my friend who cooks more than I do and asked if she would make it for me.

That was yesterday.

Today I had this:


As a surprise for me she made them already.

I have the bestest friends in the whole wide world. ♥


We did have some fun at the creek the other day. I know because I took 470,000 pictures on my phone (give or take).

Here are some.

My son and his friend.


Gloriously fun


There was crawdad hunting. and even catching.

I brought my invisible friend, too. He’s the one on the right 🙂

This Coffee Makes Me Cry

The last couple weeks have been very busy. The kid had soccer camp all last week and I was finishing up my Independent Study paintings AND starting my Printmaking Intensive summer course. I mean, I love all of these things. Getting to do them all at once, however, was a little intense.

This week is a tad bit easier in terms of time. Soccer camp ended and the Dudes left town to visit my husband’s parents for a few days. That leaves me here, footloose and fancy free for a few days. Aside from homework (and feeding the dog) I only have one thing I need to do this week.

When I lost my mom back in September my friends (and family, of course) rallied around me and held me up until I was strong enough to do so on my own. I knew that it was one of those things that friends do that you can never repay.

At least, you hope you can’t.

Unfortunately, I now have the sad opportunity to repay my friend in kind. Her mom passed away unexpectedly a few days ago. She has just returned home from what started out as a vacation and ended in funeral services for her mom.

So my main assignment this week is

to tend to the heart of my friend.

As she did for me.

to feel her pain with her.

to hold her tight in my arms and heart.

and cry together over coffee and heartache.

Because this, this is not what we ordered.

Six Word Friday: Warmth

I remember those funny stories.

Those inside jokes no one gets.

You listen without judging or criticizing.

(No, sarcastic insults do not count 🙂

You came immediately when I needed

you here to help last year.

School might not work without you.

You read papers, help with math.

Help me think, make me laugh.

like two pages in a book

we tell our story together-apart.

Maybe not the same page, but

touching around all of the edges.

I love you my dear friend.