Self portrait S’monday

So, I graduated from college this weekend.

Cum laude, which was a nice surprise to me when they gave me my Honors Cord.

I didn’t realize my grades were good enough to be lauded.

According to my dad, I’m the first on his side of the family to graduate from college.

It was so nice to see my dad and fam who drove over for the weekend.

Juxtaposed against all our pomp and circumstance as we processed across the footbridge, were the people floating the river on a Saturday afternoon.

Given that by this time we’d been shrinkwrapped in black plastic and baking in the sun for about 45 minutes, had they led us into the river I don’t think anyone would have complained much. And not at all three hours later when we finally got done with it all.

In addition to my degree, I also I received a laudable sunburn from the ceremony. 🙂

Six Word Friday: Happy (June continues)

the family is driving over today

because tomorrow is the big day

finals are over, books put away

happy? yes, so I would say.

Gradoodle-ation is tomorrow afternoon at two.

more happy here 🙂

Six Word Friday: Happy (June)

Happy? Ask me after next week.

more HAPPY six word fridays

Self Portrait “Saturday”: an Art Show

I’m graduating next month with my Bachelor of Fine Art. One of the requirements is to complete 16 pieces on a theme and then show some of them in the Senior Art Show.

So we did that last week. This week I have my
Advisor Review where I have to discuss/defend my work.

Here are some pictures:


 Graduating BFA students. Me in Teal.  

I love the odd juxtaposition of faces here.