Interdimensional Portal, Epic Battles, and Waltzing with Skeletons

After much searching, dithering, deciding, undeciding and such, we finally settled on this for our costume:

While we were trick or treating there was a tear in the fabric of the space-time continuum which allowed the phantom from a parallel universe to cross over into this one. This phantom was the same, but just a bit different.

The one on the right is mine. Probably.

The best house we went to was this one:

Which featured a “real” live grim reaper hanging out on the front lawn.

What followed was an EPIC BATTLE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL wherein the Fairy Princess and her Knights faced off against Death itself!

This photo was taken only moments before the FINAL BATTLE!

In the end, the Fairy Princess defeated the Grim Reaper with a whack from her magic wand! And all is safe in the land once again.

We are free to dance with skeletons once again.

Happy Halloween

I like Halloween. One of my favorite things about it is grown ups dressing up and goofing around. There is a wonderful childlike glee that is not only allowed, but encouraged this time of year.

Speaking of childlike glee:


The mask


This is the mask “we” fell in love with when we thought we couldn’t be our first choice–football player. We have since been able to borrow a football jersey. So we will be a werewolf football player.(!?!)

In the spirit of great procrastinators everywhere, we will spend today making our costume and carving our pumpkins. Then, when mom has stressed out enough to finish the thing, we will head out into the night to teach our child that begging from strangers is perfectly fine go trick-or-treating. This will be followed by a visit to the Harvest Festival. This is a fun game night where kids play and win, not prizes, but CANDY!

Then we will haul our bag of loot home and crash into bed in a sugar induced coma.


I was thinking of my favorite Halloween.

I would have been 12 or 13. My friend and I dressed up in cool alien costumes using styrofoam wigstand heads and little flashlights covered with red or blue celofane inside to make them glow. Then we went around the neighborhood handing out candy. It was hysterical. We got invited to lots of parties. The  alien heads were on top of our own making us seem much taller (and presumably older). It was fun to turn the tradition on it’s head. It was also the only time I spent Halloween with that friend which made it extra cool.

Another time, when I was around 23, I wore a unitard and got my nail lady to paint it and me with stars and planets and stuff. That was fun. Especially since I was a bartender and wore it to work. Though it was a little strange to leave work the next morning after my graveyard shift and still be fully made up.

Another old standby for me is just adding another set of arms to a shirt. Sew gloves onto the end of sleeves, stuff the sleeves, and sew the sleeves onto the shirt you’ll be wearing. Then attach the bottom arms to the top arms with string, or even better: rubber bands.  At first glance you don’t appear to be wearing a costume-and yet…


So far, The Dude has been a power ranger, ninja, baseball player, silver surfer, indian brave, and this year, as I said, football playing werewolf.

What about you? What’s your favorite costume or Halloween memory? Do you have a standby backup costume?