Self Portrait Saturday: Drawing Homework

My homework in drawing class this term has been to draw self portraits.

I got caught up last weekend finally, although I do have to do another one this week.

This one was supposed to be areas of value without using line.

I chose to use crayon.

Mostly because I can achieve the areas of value and the line in the same manner as charcoal without the mess.

Which is groovy for working at home.

This one is areas of value with line included.

Once I chose crayon, I decided to use a different color of the rainbow for each one.

This one was just to use wet media. I chose yellow ink.

One thing about wet media is that it doesn’t always behave for you.

Winter Classes 2010-11

Ok, so I’m taking four classes this term. They are all four credits so it’s a fairly full load.

Last term was crazy, but I ended up with 3 B’s, 2 B+’s, and an A. Considering everything, I’m really kinda surprised I did that well. But, I’m not complaining.


So, this term.


Intro to Water Science and Policy.

I’m taking this to fulfill a requirement. But it’s interesting and I like my teacher.

Art History 202.

This is the second in the series of western art history. This also fulfills a req. As a matter of fact all my classes are required this term. After this term, I will have completed my lower division classes and can concentrate on on my art stuff exclusively.

Gender and Race in Political Thought.

This is a really interesting class on examining our stereotype’s and reframing the stories we’ve absorbed over the years.



This is a cool class where I finally get to learn how to use that program. By the end I should be certifiable 🙂

This is our homework this week:

me before

That’s me before.



And that’s me after.


A little bit creepy, but a new skill.



Oh, it’s an agonizing slow day when you have homework to do and can’t seem to focus in on it. Worse, I’m trying to do it so I’m spending my weekend staring at the blank page. Trying to work up the motivation to get it done. Somewhere, I must be able to find it.

I probably should have just stopped and done something else for a while. Maybe something so fun that I would feel guilty enough to return to my assignments and get a move on. Instead, I spent the weekend in what my friend calls gray time. That place of should where you should be doing homework, but you aren’t. There are other things you could be doing that would be more fun or more useful. But, to stop would be to actually play hooky from your school work. So, you spend your time in a distracted time filling stupid place. Watching movies or tv you didn’t want to watch just because it was on, noodling around on the internet doing nothing, or maybe “research.” What a terrible waste of time and energy. Not to mention the other members of the family who catch some of the blowback. Not really fair to anyone.

I learned a lot about Attention Deficit Disorder in my research for one of my assignments. As a matter of fact, I could (and did) spend all day reading articles to find one to do a write-up on.

I did eventually pick out an article. Yay.

The only other productive thing I did this weekend was get registered for my fall classes. whoopee.

And here I am moaning on my blog about it. This is a gray time blog post. I’m posting it because I feel like I want to post something, but I don’t feel like I can really stop and take the time out from (NOT) writing my papers for class to write a meaningful and well developed post.

Well, I think I’m going to quit whining and go eat dinner.