a new year is here

I long for the days that were before

Though I know that they can be no more

standing on the cusp of a lifetime of new tomorrows

bled through and steeped with the blue of soul wrenching sorrow

I look to the future weary and heartsore

shivering from the cold of winter’s dark floor

I cannot yet rejoice in the coming of the new year

as those that preceded it were bathed in salted tears

these winter holidays with their festivals of light and cheer

remind us that the all-encompassing darkness will not always be here

with the passing of time and the turnings of the days

there will be incrementally larger slivers of the suns rays

I don’t need to rejoice with a leap and a bang

just light a small candle to light the way again

we know the wheel turns and turns

and the long cold winter nights will give way to summers burns

the light will return and the dark will recede

bringing the respite and clarity we need

Six word friday: hope

The world is gloomy and grey.

The sky will cry again today.

Just as it has all week.

Raining sad tears upon my cheek.

These dark clouds block the light

tempering the dawn of mornings bright.

I cast my gaze toward the sun.

or, where there should be one.

I cannot see it just now

But it rises without me anyhow.

I see the light of day

defused, subtle, it shows the way

out of the darkness and troubles

and warms those swimming in struggle.

should we cast our gaze east

to those so desperately needing relief

I hope we can give courage

and strength and help to nourish

the left behind, and those dispossessed

they are weary and needing rest.

Sound the call! Beat the Drum!

Rally the efforts of Every One.

For every Cause, there is need.

Children, animals, many mouths to feed.

blankets, clothes, shoes and medical care

money, time, love, hopes and prayers.

and tomorrow the sun will rise

bringing new hope to tired eyes.

Touching images of loss and coming together in Japan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ESjP_asq0A

This Six Word Friday post is inspired by Melissa at Makingthingsup.com. To read other stories of hope and maybe add your own go here. Make sure you leave a comment: For every comment left on this post Melissa and her family will make a donation to Save The Children to help with the relief efforts in Japan.

Craft Hope

I just came across this beautiful website and thought I’d share it.

Try to help spread the word.

Craft Hope

Craft Hope Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time