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Just playing around a bit lately!

Stuff About the Place

Seems really pretentious for a meat product, Mr. Spam.

I think this is a local product. Spicy rubs, indeed.

Went down to conferences this week. Got to see the artwork that they have hanging up in the halls. This was working on alliteration.


Yesterday I was fooling around on pinterest (as usual) and I came across a webpage that someone had pinned that allows you to generate text in word bubbles for Dr. Seuss characters. They also have a bunch of other sign generators to choose from.

Obviously, I spent the rest of the evening on this sight!

Here are a few I came up with:


This was my first one so I didn’t know that I had to keep it REALLY short. It was a longer poem that made more sense before I chopped it to fit quickly.






This Lorax one is Child C’s contribution.














August Six Word Friday=Fun

lots of fun things in summer

bear the heat

best you can

take a swim

to cool off


gather together with

friends and family


chill out

take a deep breath

look out

summer flies by quickly.

This Habitat=For Humanity

Dear small animals,

I respect your right to exist. I think that you are precious little furry, scaly, slimy beings whose habitats should be protected and who should be free to roam and frolic in the trees, bushes, rocks, what-have-you.

But this habitat. is. for. humans. go back outside!

I’m talking to you Mr. Lizard who came to visit yesterday. and again today(or your friend).

and you, Mouse Family.

Please respect my habitat boundaries and I will respect yours.

Until then it is the new outdoor kitties’ habitat,too.

Sorry about that.

A poem

Roses are red

Violets are blue

A lot of people like poems that rhyme.

Terribly Funny Signs

Saw a sign thursday (in LA) that said, “Venice Therapy.”

I was thinking that either meant you’ve been away too long and need to come back to Venice for your Venice Therapy or you’ve been there for too long and it has caused you to need Venice Therapy. Of course, you may just need therapy and be located in Venice, so there ya go.

On our trip we did many fun things and saw many sights. But sometimes it’s the little things….

Like… where the f*** can we park?

Or where to get a caning.

(Also in Venice. Perhaps that explains the therapy.)

Not really that crazy

There is this popular catchy tune out right now.

I know that it’s popular and catchy because they told me so on Nightline.

Also, I have heard it myself a few times.

According to Nightline, it’s one of those songs that has swept across YouTube in the form of fun parodies and such.

I’ve also seen it in the other meme forms.

“Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy,
But here’s my number, so call me maybe
It’s hard to look right, at you baby,
But here’s my number, so call me maybe ” (original chorus)

So here is what I think:

What’s so crazy about giving someone your phone number when you first meet? How else are you going to explore the possibility of a future relationship?

Obviously I’m either too old or too literal or too … something to really get this song. But here’s my version, modified to fit my point of view. 🙂

Hey, we just met, and I find you very attractive

Let’s get together and see if this might lead somewhere

To facilitate that I’m going to provide you with a means of contacting me

But only if you choose to, so I’m not asking for your number back.

It’s possible it needs a little work to get it to really flow.


The other day I was driving along and noticed something on the road ahead of me. As I came closer to it, I thought that’s too big to be just a squirrel (quite commonly they don’t make it across the roads here).

Was it a cat?

a coyote?

other small canine?

and then I realized:

some ruthless S.O.B. had mown down this helpless piece of grass.

Six Word Friday: Charge

whose bright idea was it to

put me in charge of things?


May the Fourth be with you!


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