Six Word Friday: Inspire

It is so hard to limit.

I am inspired by so much.

I am inspired by those people.

Those people who came before me.

Maya Angelou, Gandhi, Martin Luther King,

to only name just a few.

I am always inspired by Art

and the Artists who create it.

I think Collaboration is so inspiring.

Lifting each other to greater greatness!

There is so much inspiration around.

You have only to look around.

Even the negatives can be inspiring.

Inspiring us to bring about change.

I am deeply inspired by words.

A well crafted phrase creates ripples

that can help change the world.

I could go on and on.

This world is rich with inspiration.


This post was INSPIRED by Melissa

over there at Making Things Up

Check it out for more INSPIRATION!



the day has drifted away

there isn’t really much to say

the time I might have spent on work and chore

I spent on the internet reading just one blog more


tomorrow I suppose I’ll spend in frantic regret

cursing myself for the slippage of time I let

But today I believe

the inspiration I received

makes it time well spent