Daylight Saving Delusions.

Early Daylight Savings Morning Convo with self:
Daaang, WTF are we doing up so early? It’s like 4 o’clock, man.

No, no, look: the clock says it’s 5.

Bullhonkey, what did you do? Run around and change all the clocks so I’d get up earlier?

Uh, well.

OMG! You did. What kind of outfit are you running here. That ain’t Hoyle, man. Why would you do that?

You know, the thing with the daylight…?

Oh. That again? They still do that?

Yeah. Every year.

Come on, we know a couple people in Arizona. They don’t fool with this BS down there.

We aren’t moving to Arizona. Just go along…it’ll be okay in a week or two.


*This post is brought to you by the early morning ramblings of a pre-coffee, pre-awake brain. Adjust your station accordingly. 😛